Did you know that over 60% of all web searches are done from mobile devices? As these numbers continue to grow it becomes increasingly more important to cater to your mobile user’s needs. Bettering the user experience is not only pleasant for your online visitors, but will also convert into more traffic and bring in more leads and sales. 

Responsive Web Design is characterized by a number of different points:
– Your Website adapts and reformats to your users screen automatically.
– It loads fast on any device, preferably in less than 2 seconds.
– The content is legible, no need to zoom.
– All content fits the screen without having to turn your screen horizontally or

1. Mobile Web Traffic Increases

In recent years mobile usage has eclipsed desktop usage.  A mobile-friendly website will help people to convert when they visit from their smart phone or tablet. Traffic will be higher and people will be less likely to leave your website within just a few seconds.

2. Using Social Media to your Advantage

Sharing links to your website from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube will help increase traffic to your website. Set up a social media strategy and start leveraging social sharing of content!  Users who navigate from social media to a website experience it to be responsive.

3. Improving SEO Rankings

Google wants to provide its users with a great experience and favors websites that are mobile-friendly. It is important for your website to rank so you can get more leads and sales. Implementing Responsive Web Design will help you do just that.  Although a new website is an investment, it pays off in the long run by ranking better and generating more sales for your company.

4. Preparing for the Future

With Responsive Web Design your Website will look great on any device and screen. Not just your mobile phone, laptop or iPad, but on smart watches and future devices as well! Prepare for the future with Responsive Web design.

5. User Experience

No need to zoom, pinch, adjust or turn. With Responsive Web Design your website will adapt to all devices. Content will be legible and will always fit your screen. A pleasant user experience will translate in a positive perception of your brand and business and will prevent people from leaving your website too soon. 

6. Efficiently and Costs

Instead of having to invest in different solutions like mobile applications. a responsive website can do it all for you. This will minimize content management costs due to fewer updates, and tracking/ reporting your traffic will be made much easier. In short, managing your digital platform will be much more efficient and cost effective.

Responsive Web Design is the way of the future.  If your website doesn’t look amazing on smart phones, it’s time to upgrade your website! If you thinking about redesigning your website or have any questions about Responsive Web Design, please contact us at: info@echodigitalsolutions.com or give us a call at (774-312-1545).

Go Responsive!